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Here is the interactive location map of the Japan Chronicles.  I am charting every post I write that has a specific location onto this map.  So now you can easier understand where posts are in Japan and in relation to each other, as well as being able to search for posts just by location.  Hopefully this will make the blog more interesting, more fun and easier to follow as more of my travels fill up the map.  Here's an explanation of how the map works.

Posts will only go on the map if they are one specific place or one specific city.  If it covers more than one place, an area bigger than a city or the post isn't about a place it won't be on the map.  Pins on the map are separated by two types.  Blank pins are for cities and pins with dots in the middle are for specific locations.  Besides this, each year is differentiated by color.  So far, 2010 is green and 2011 is blue (I'll be getting to 2012 as soon as I can).  The last thing directly added on the map are trip routes.  If I've taken a trip to multiple places at the same time, then I will add trail lines to these places for each trip.

On each pin I will include some information as well.  At the top will be the name of the place or city for reference.  Below, I will include the title of each entry for that location as a link to that blog entry and the date that it happened.  They will be listed in reverse chronological order except for series of posts that are posted at the same time.  These will be listed in series order.  I'll keep adding to the map as I write more of my travels throughout Japan.  Enjoy the map.

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