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This is a categorized index of the unfamiliar and important objects and terms that can be found within this blog.  They are categorized in a way to help readers better understand and make the connections between the tags and terms marked in this blog that might not be clear for those new to Japan and this blog.  They have been listed alphabetically for easy searching, first by main category and then into smaller subcategories.

There are currently 13 main categories, which are: Beyond Japan, Blog Things, Cultural Event, Cultural Info, Event, Festival, Folklore, Geography, History, Holidays, Religion, Travel and 3/11 Earthquake.  These are listed in bold below.  I have filled these categories with the tags I have marked on my entries, as well as other important unlisted terms and organized them into subcategories when and where appropriate.

This information has been color coded into three parts.  Blue listings are for objects and terms, green listings are for places and orange listings are for people.  Tags that are underlined are linked to pages displaying all of the entries that have information pertaining to that tag.  You will notice some tags are listed in more than one category.  I have done this with tags I felt pertinent to multiple categories and might be of use or interest to readers.  In these cases, the tag's lower listings are shown only in the most pertinent category for the object or term for the sake of clarity and brevity.

There are also separate indexes for people and places in addition to this objects and terms index.  If you are having trouble understanding a tag or want more information on a specific subject please look at the glossary.  I have included all of the tags found in the three indexes with more information for each one.  Everything is listed alphabetically in one place, so you don't need to search for definitions or more information while reading.  I hope this is more useful than the typical long list of tags shown on most blogs.

Beyond Japan:
Cultural Info:
3/11 Earthquake:

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